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About Us

Who We Are

Mamma G Cookies is a small bakery based in West London, specialising in handcrafted cookies, so good you'll throw grandma's in the (compost) bin!

We only use the best ingredients, and don't skimp on the butter, chocolate or sugar either!

How It All Started 

I'm Tim, Founder of Mamma G Cookies. As a kid, I always wanted to work with food, whether it was spinning pizzas, making pasta, baking cookies or building burgers. I'd even find it difficult to choose between eating and sleeping, as demonstrated in the picture below!

I ended up becoming an investment banker, which lacked personal fulfilment. Five years later, I decided to quit my job and focus on something that brought enjoyment to my life.

I rediscovered cooking and became slightly obsessed with making cookies. After countless attempts, and a few inches to my waist, I built my version of a Chocolate Chip cookie.

My friends came round to try it (and kept re-inviting themselves to try it again and again) which led me to believe that I may have actually been onto something... I didn't want to keep this cookie to myself, so I decided to launch Mamma G Cookies in October 2021.

Our Commitment

Like you, we love taking care of the planet and supporting those less fortunate than us, that's why Mamma G focuses on the following key pillars:

Give back - We work with charities and local communities important to us in order to give back. Most recently, we have supported:

  • Afghanaid
  • Soup Kitchen London
  • Pan Out Project
  • Royal Hospital Chelsea 
  • Ecologi

We plant trees with Ecologi 

Sustainable packaging - Boxes/tissue paper are compostable and recyclable. Cookie pouches, and postage bags are compostable. 

Deliveries should preferably be carbon-zero, if not, carbon-neutral - All London deliveries are carbon-zero through our partner Hived, who only use bikes and renewable energy powered electric vehicles. Nationwide deliveries are serviced by DPD and are carbon neutral.